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“Accessible Bluetooth & Hearing Aids for All”

Automate background noise cancellation with excellent speech understanding during conversations.

The famous crownfunded of our New generation Olive Earbuds Pro & Smart is back with a brand new hearing solution

Listen to music and make calls, clearer conversations and less noise.

Hearing Earbuds Pro

New generation of Earbuds – Ultra sharp sound quality

Chrystal clear speech without unwanted noise.

Water proof Earbuds – Listen to music in the shower

Bluetooth and wireless for the new Olive Earbuds Pro & Smart

Enjoy over 18 Hours charge

New technology earphone with voice detection and noise suppression.

Much louder, more powerful and clearer then ever with Maximum gains, Amplification and stereo sounds

World-class high definition speakers + The 2-way balanced speaker drivers deliver immersive audio connected and managed with a custom equalizer through your app.


"Accessible hearing Aids for All"

Hearing Earbuds Pro

2 in 1 Bluetooth Earbuds & Hearing Aids

Adjust to indoor & outdoor environments

Our Olive wireless Earbuds are the best Bluetooth Earbuds
and hearing aids because it makes you feel more comfortable
and gives you the convenience of being completely cable-free.
olive earbuds pro 

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